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Snow Cave

A site-specific installation:  steel wire, laminate tiles, latex paint, wall drawing (perforations), cast shadows. 8'(hight) x 12'(width) x 5'(max depth).

  Snow Cave was created for Object, No Object: Sculpture of Ideas, an invitational exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of Art, Dec 3, 2010.  Curated by FRCC Museum and Gallery Studies.

 In keeping with the premise of the exhibit, this was both literally and metaphorically an ephemeral piece: a delicate "shelter" built out of wire, dotted lines and shadows. As with previous installations, it existed only for the duration of the show, a particularly short lifespan in this case (exhibited for a single day). In common with previous works too, the piece took its shape in response to the conditions and constraints of the exhibition space. This space, a classroom in the basement of FCMOCA, had some eccentricities (i.e., the corner I'm using butts up against a kitchen counter)- but I like eccentricities. Encountering awkward arrangements forces problem solving, and this spurs novel approaches in my art making. There was some give-and-take: I took the cabinetry hardware off to make the structure more neutral, but found I liked the way the cast shadows from my piece wrapped around the face of the kitchen cabinets.  I found that leaving the sink visible was less obtrusive than boxing it in, so it became an accidental humorous note- a domestic reference?

Although it's always a factor, I think this piece in particular foregrounds the dependence of my work upon found spaces. I think it raises hitherto neglected questions about where my piece ends and  where the architecture of the exhibition space starts. In this instance, I like the boxy shape of the cabinets and the rectangular niche where a window used to be- and I've utilized (or appropriated?) both.