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'49 Ranch

A site-specific installation:  steel wire, wall drawing (perforations), cast shadows. 10'(height) x 4' (left of corner) x 7' (right of corner).

'49 Ranch was created for Drawing in the Expanded Field, a juried exhibition of drawing at the Clara Hatton Gallery, Colorado State U., Oct. 6- Nov. 12, 2010.  Curated by Mary-Ann Kokoska.  Juried by Howard Riley and Deanna Petherbridge.

The piece is largely built upon a web motif- which isn't a new one for me; webs have been turning up in my work for years.  I like  flexibility of this form:  it can be a cobweb, a textile, a cradle, a net.  In this piece, I was thinking about the way little brown spiders build their webs in the  corners of my house.  I wanted this piece to be  an homage to the home I had been living in (and working in) for 10 years.  While I was making this piece I was also going through the process of readying my house to sell.  Of course I was thinking about the cobwebs I'd been dusting out of corners,  but I was also thinking about the intimacy of those delicate structures in those negligible spaces;  the intimacy too, of re-touching all the surfaces of my home in the process of relinquishing it.